Swiss Dance Award landing page
We worked with New Dance Show “Swiss Dance Award”. We developed a special logo and other elements of personal style, including document design and a landing page. Light and informative website helps introduce better the show, and have a look at the bright photo gallery.
Krock Digital Solutions landing page
We created a comfortable and informative website, which helps our clients to get to know more about us. There is a block with the blog on our web, which is comfortable to follow the last updates and interesting content. The section with services describes in detail our competences. An important block is the contact form. Comfortable communication is a priority for our company. We chose blue as a leading color of our company to underline the association with security and technology notions.
BEL`S landing page
The site with a logo for the exclusive man fashion atelier “BEL`S”. We performed a specific work to reflect the exclusive character of the atelier that is offering hand-made top quality products.
Dance Unlimited Zurich landing page
The website for the famous dancesport club “Dance Unlimited Zurich”.We received the order to create a website in a commercial style, with many pages and various information. This website has transparent and friendly navigation, shows functionality and individual style. Created on CRM Wordpress.
Minimal-j landing page

Java, but minimal.

We have created a great web-platform for our customer, Java framework Developer. Personal project which took him 10 years to make it perfect. Task was to present and tell people about it and promote to reach peoples interest. For such interesting and special project we have created a onepage website with extra blog link to present the product in its minimal style, and memorable logo to highlight the personal style of this product . Never less, simple but attractive design, minimal animation with important links to GitHub profile to promote the framework between developers. Satisfied client is our biggest pleasure.

Dance District landing page

Dance District

Adorable online-shop for dance sportsmen. Practice wear for everybody. Logo and website on Opencart platform. Big project with maximum comfort for clients and for owner. Clear navigation, simplicity and clean design is a big plus for online-shop. All of it you can find on . Soft colours are sending the character and the mood for the clients. And all actions to buy or choose product can be done in a minimum of click to make shopping very comfortable. Such web creates a perfect relation between owner and client.