8 cool design conferences of 2020

Time to think about how to study and develop in 2020. One of the greatest ways to do this is to visit professional conferences, meetups, workshops, and other events. We wrote this article for you to find out where to go this year in search of your personal and professional development. Here are 8 conferences in the design and tech sphere:

The UX Conference (London, UK) Date: March 2-3 Link: https://theuxconf.com/ Price: 239 pounds + VAT It is 2 days summit with lectures, workshops from 16 speakers. “Design conference that`s not about buzzwords, but collaboration between designers” - this is their mission. Every conference has a specific theme. You can meet speakers with experience working in Abstract, Transport for London, OpenTable, Dyson, The Paciello Group, Nike, 1Password, Government Digital Service, Airbnb, Shopify, InVision, DuckDuckGo, and others.

UX DX (Dublin, Ireland) Date: October 8-9 Link: https://uxdxconf.com Price: 495 euros 50+ speakers and 5 workshops are waiting for you there. Top UX/UI design leaders from worldwide known companies like Reddit, Uber, Google, Mastercard, Lego, Spotify, Shutterstock, Github, and others will share their own experience.


UX Brighton (Brighton, UK) Date: January 14 Link: https://uxbri.org/2020/ Price: £60 – £204 It is the 10th annual one-day conference. Desirability, feasibility, and viability are the three components of a model for successful products — an integrated model that is often carried out by segregated teams. UX Brighton is the conference where people from product management, UX, research, and design will gather to discover what we have to learn from one another. Learn new approaches and glean fresh insights that will bring solid benefits for you, your colleagues and your clients.

UX Strat (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Date: June 29 – July 1 Link: https://uxstrat.com/europe/ It is a conference that brings together design leaders, strategists, user researchers, design-focused data scientists, product managers, and experienced design professionals from many nations for presentations and workshops about the latest trends at the intersection of business strategy, user experience, product design, and service design.

UX Insight (Utrecht, Netherlands) Date: April 6-8 Link: https://event.uxinsight.org/ UX Insight has become a popular and respected international UX research conference. The aim of the event is to give the UX research field and community a boost by sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas. UX Insight 2020 is the fourth edition, with a still-growing international community. Also, by collaborations, e.g. the ResearchOps Community, they continuously strive to strengthen and extend.

Web Summit (Lisbon, Portugal) Date: November 2-5 Link: https://websummit.com/ The organization is made by a company from Dublin, Ireland that holds events across the world: Web Summit in Lisbon, Collision in Toronto and RISE in Hong Kong. Forbes has said they run “the best technology conference on the planet”, The Atlantic that Web Summit is “where the future goes to be born”, and The New York Times that they assemble “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.” At a time of great uncertainty for many industries and indeed, the world itself, they gather the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?

World Usability Congres (Graz, Austria) Date: October 21-22 Link: https://worldusabilitycongress.com/ The World Usability Congress is a two day international UX conference. In 2020 it will take place for the eight-time in Graz, Austria. They invite over 40 speakers from different industries to share their real-world UX challenges and collaborate with our attendees in multi-disciplinary workshops. The Congres received a lot of awards: The Webby, Blue Cross Blue Schield, Horizon Interactive Award, BMO, Davey Awards, Special design kudos awards, Top user experience clutch agencies.


Zurich Digital Festival (Zurich, Switzerland)Date: September 17–20 Link: https://digitalfestival.ch/ Powered by creativity and inspiration, Zurich Digital Festival pushes your professional and personal life to the next level with outstanding high-quality content, unforgettable experiences and a highly relevant community. Experience the power of collaboration, build new relationships and develop ideas to spark your personal growth. The Digital Festival is Switzerland's place to meet the highly relevant community of digital leaders, digital aficionados and innovators driven by curiosity, openness and a doer mentality. Hope you will visit some of these events and grow your business successfully. By the way, to ask an expert for design or dev advice, please, write to info@krockds.com