The main web design trends of 2021

To build a great website you should know the latest design trends of the coming year. Let’s look at the main ones.


Adaptive is the main word for a web designer today. If your website doesn’t look perfect on mobile — it will never be successful. You should think about the different screen resolutions and build your mobile version as flexible as it can be. Today it’s more practical even to make the mobile version firstly, and only then the design for the desktop. Because of that, the mobile-first solutions are always more useful in development. This trend makes your user feel you care about him.

Dark mode

One of the coolest trends of 2021 will be dark design, mainly focusing on UI design giving users an option to enable dark themes. The dark background makes all design elements more standing out. It gives a higher contrast ratio and better user engagement. Many websites have already used dark mode and it was so successful in 2020 for many companies.


This trend has been at the top for several years. And it will not lose its relevance in 2021 too. Simple and clean design is always better understood by the user and easier to read. The simplicity of the site is always appreciated very highly by customers. This is not surprising, because such sites are most pleasant to visit, look for information, use a personal account. The trend of minimalism 2021 will mainly consist of a simple geometry of shapes, the use of no more than 2 colors, and simple sans-serif fonts.


Retro fonts

It's not news that retro has filled many spheres of life and design as well. This nostalgia evokes special feelings and associations. Fashion for retro fonts does not mean complete copying of old designs, but it implies taking the idea and format. This is a rethinking of the old but always stylish format and a solution that sets your design apart from the usual other designs.

Mixing photography with graphics

Overlapping original graphics on top of real photographs create a memorable effect of a strong visual. This technique doesn’t allow the user to get bored on your site and actively involves him in the interaction. It’s a nice way to customize your imagery and add more personality to your website, create your own story you'd like to tell to your users. This trend goes well with all other trends, it can serve as a cool addition to a thoughtful and stylish classic design. And the possibilities for its development are limited only by your imagination.

Motion design

All researches tell us that animation, motion, and video involve users much better than static images. When a user visits the site, you have very little time to interest and keep him stay — less than 3 seconds. Motion is the best way to hold user attention as quickly as possible. The design market tools today allow you to do unimaginable things — create and customize vibrant animations. It will help you to create a fascinating and memorable site that users want to return to again.


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