Why web designers and developers will never be relaced?

Today, many are trying to create sites by themselves using special services - website builders. They provide an opportunity to quickly make a design or even select it from a bunch of templates. At first glance, this simplifies the development process. But in reality, there are too many pitfalls and risks for your business.

Myth #1 No designer is needed to develop a website Using standard templates, you don`t show any brand identity and don`t cause the audience interest. Of course, you can select a template in the constructor and make many changes. But each such edit can break the layout quality in the end. And of course, it can affect the site’s performance. Refusing the help of an expert, you make your site fragile and unreliable. A professional designer will take into account all possible screen resolutions, a load of images on the pages, usability and other important aspects.


Myth #2 You can prepare a release without the developer`s help The back-end is even more important than even front-end. Because everything depends on the quality of development - how your design will be displayed, whether users can quickly and comfortably visit the site, whether there will be feedback. The developer transfers the designer`s idea to the code. Only this option will provide you with security and the site speed on all devices.

Myth #3 Design studios are expensive Professional teams create each project with complete personalization and an understanding of the ultimate goal. In this regard, no site builder can ever replace the full site or app development. A comprehensive approach and guarantees - this is what you get when paying for the agency or design studio services.


Cheap tools for quickly site building only increase purely your problems. When the next bug comes out, and you won’t know what to do, what will you decide? You will have to buy consultations or still hire a developer. It is better to immediately choose a reliable option for developing a project and save yourself time and money. You may not be aware of all the nuances, even if you spent some time studying. Not in vain in the agencies for each stage of development different specialists are responsible. This is necessary for quality control and getting a cool product. Choose a great future for your project. Contact us right now for your first consultation.