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Legend Business Consulting
Data: 1.08.2020
Problem / task - Old website made on WIX. The owner has a successful business but shamed to tell anyone about their website

Solution - Optimize Custom Journey and content presentation. Implementing marketing tools Creating a website over two CMSs at the same time.

Result - Happy client, traffic is growing, special UX solution of separation screen on static and interactive parts. splitting pages over WordPress and Hubspot for better digital marketing and traffic controlling.

Technologies - WordPress; HubSpot; Figma; Photoshop; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; PHP; MySQL; Google Analytics; Digital marketing;
Client - Founder/CEO of Legend SA Brigitte Lawer. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Our web development case study - website upgrade for Business Consulting company Legend. It was an ambitious project for a very respectful company which had needed digital and visual updates. To provide an excellent user experience and website interface for this company, we have done a lot of research and preparation for development. The development of UI was based on the core company values - to be experts in their niche, to be available to the customers, and to be remembered.
Legend Business Consulting