Oyshi Sushi Restaurant

sushi reastaurant web design
Service: Web design
Data: 01.02.2021
Problem / task - Indeed for a better digital solution for their business. At the moment had self-made website on WIX. No possibility to work during Covid-19 times (only semi-working delivery in a tough market)

Solution - Completely new website on WP. Digital Solution (feature with custom sushi and custom Pokebowls - adaptation to the client’s needs, tastes, lifestyle (vegan, vegetarian, sushi lover)). Implementing marketing features and better customer experience + customer journey. Custom payment solution for business growth.(addition 2.4% when the customer pays by card or TWINT)

Result - Completely new E-commerce system with a special feature which creates an advantage for them on the market, strong marketing management and analytics, modern UX/UI with a simple look. Today growing so well, soon opening 2 new location around Switzerland

Technologies - Figma; Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator; HTML; CSS; JavaScript; PHP; MySQL; WordPress; Google Analytics; Digital marketing; Mail Chimp; WooCommerce; TWINT

Client - Sushi Restaurant Business Owner in Switzerland.
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