Transfyr App / Start up

UX UI for start up
Data: 23.04.2020
Problem / task - old unsympathetic interface

Solution - rebuild the UX, simplify the structure of the web and location of the elements. Upgrade UI

Result - New look, which generates more users and gives pleasure to introduce the app to new people

Technologies - Figma, Photoshop

Client - Start up is focused on paper ecology by digitising business cards. Based in Kenya, Nairobi.

A great project to show UX/UI skills. We have designed an application for Start-up project Transfer. Digital business cards. Easy way to improve you circle of contacts and manage them in a minimum amount of clicks. No more paper waste and uncomfortable bunches of cards. All you need this scan QR code and done. We improved usability and design-friendly look. Serious and comfortable..
UX UI for start up